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Minister's Retreat 2018
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Proposed Revisions to 2017 Credentials Manual
Proposed Revisions to the 2017 Credentials Manual
The Credentials Committee is recommending some revisions to the 2017 Credentials Manual. Please review the file below to see the recommended revisions. A special called meeting of the Eldership will be held at a future date to vote upon acceptance of the revised manual presented here.
Explanation of changes:
When you open the file you will notice some of the text is green, red, and blue. Here is what each of those mean.
Black – Black type is the original document
Green – Green type is suggested additions to the manual
Red – Red type is suggested deletions to the manual
Blue – Blue type is an explanation or comment that does not express a change in the actual document.
Calendar of Events 2018

West Virginia Ministries

Calendar of Events 2018



Events listed here are sponsored by West Virginia Ministries of the Church of God. Event details are subject to change. For the most up to date information regarding events, please contact the individual listed in the event description or visit Download a PDF version of the calendar of events here.


Craigsville Campground Beef Fund

Did you know it costs over $500 per day to provide meal service at camp? The Craigsville Campmeeting Beef Fund is more than just beef. The Beef Fund helps reduce the annual food service costs. The food service budget not only includes the cost of food for the cafeteria, but for the snack bar, as well as paper goods and garbage bags for camp meeting, Camp Agape, the ministers retreat and two work weekends.

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