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Special Called GA Meeting - November 5, 2016
Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:00

Member of the WVCOG General Assembly,


Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord! We are writing to you today to share some exciting news and to invite each of you to attend a special called meeting of the General Assembly on Saturday, November 5th, 2016, at 11:00 am at the Dunbar First Church of God (1234 Payne Ave., Dunbar, WV).


Download the full letter and proposal here.


Flood Relief Efforts Update - 7/20/2016
Flood Relief Efforts Update 7/20/2016

West Virginia Ministries would like to thank everyone who has assisted with flood relief efforts. As of today (7/20/2016) $38,950.05 has been donated to assist with these efforts. Many congregations and individuals have also donated goods and materials to the impacted areas. This has been an amazing time to see God at work and the body of Christ coming together to help those in their time of need. There is still much work to be done though.

Financial donations are still needed to assist with rebuilding and other efforts to impact the communities devastated by the flooding. WV Ministries has established a Flood Relief Committee who has been working to assess damage to churches and has been working with our local congregations to see how the body of Christ can make an impact in the areas hit by flooding. Funds are being released to assist with repairs and rebuilding of churches damaged by the flooding and for outreach efforts in the impacted communities. Donations to assist with these efforts can be sent to: West Virginia Ministries, PO Box 998, Coal City, WV 25823.

Work crews are also needed to assist with flood relief rebuilding projects. There are a number of housing options for work crews. Simply let us know what dates you can come, what types of skills your group has, sleeping needs (can your group bring air mattresses, sleeping bags, etc. or do you need dorm style housing), if your group will need meals provided or if your team can furnish their own meals, and if your team is able to help furnish materials. Answering these questions will help us determine housing options and areas to serve. Those interested in bringing a work crew should contact Thom Pratt at (304) 415-6198.
Summer Celebration at Rippling Waters

Summer Celebration at Rippling Waters

WV State Camp Meeting

July 24-29


Speaker: Rev. Charlie Heater

Worship Leader: Beth Gilbert


Sunday, July 24

Kick off concert featuring The Ball Brothers | 7:00 PM in the Conference Center

Join us as we kick off Summer Celebration at Rippling Waters with a night of worship and praise featuring the Ball Brothers. The speaker and worship leader will also be introduced during this time.


Meet and Greet Social following the concert

Stick around after the concert and meet Dr. David A. Hoag, the new President of Warner University.


Morning conference | 9:00 AM in the Conference Center | Monday-Thursday

Theme: Encouraging the Smaller Church. These conferences will cover how God uses small congregations to change the world, and also helping us to see our value in the kingdom. This morning conference will be led by Rev. Richard (Dick) Gilbert.


Evening Services | 7:00 PM in Conference Center | Monday-Friday


Friday July 29 | WV Ministries Day

9:00 AM – Morning conference sponsored by Credentials Committee

9:00-9:50 AM – Registration for Annual Meeting on front porch of Conference Center

10:00 AM – Annual Business Meeting, Elder Meeting to follow


Youth Programming will be led by Chance Cook for kids in grades 6-12.

Monday-Friday youth service at 9:00AM at the Chapel. Youth program will be based on “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan.

Nightly activities after the 7:00 PM evening service. Meet at the Chapel.


Children’s Programming will be led by Michaela Ball for kids Pre-K through 5th grade.

Monday-Friday children’s service at 9:00 AM in the Dining Hall. Theme “Inside Out”

Monday-Friday children’s evening service at 7:00 PM in the Dining Hall.


Children & Youth Midday Activities

Activities and locations will be announced each morning.



Monday – Thursday:

10:30 AM – Brunch

5:00 PM – Dinner

Snack bar available after evening services


Banner Offering

With all of the devastation that has hit our state we are asking congregations to receive an offering to be given at Rippling Waters, with 50% of the offering going to aid the flood victims and the remaining 50% will be divided between the Program Team and Campground Board at Rippling Waters.


Flood Relief Work Crews
West Virginia Ministries is now open to taking work crews to assist with flood relief rebuilding projects in WV. We have various housing options. Let us know the dates you want to come, the types of skills your group has, sleeping needs, whether you will need meals while here or can self prepare...Contact Thom Pratt at: 304-415-6198
Flood Relief Efforts Update

Flood Relief Efforts Updates from Thom Pratt, Chairman WV Ministries Flood Relief 2016 Committee


Facebook is being utilized the most to provide the most current and timely information concerning flood relief efforts. We encourage you to check out the following pages/people:



I am collecting the following supplies for 3 Churches that were significantly damaged in recent WV Flooding. 3 refrigerators, 3 stoves, 3 sets of kitchen base cabinets, 2 electric hot water heaters, (60) 4x8x1/2" drywall sheets, mud, screws, tape, (40) standard electric outlets. If you can help, contact me: email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or text: 304-415-6198.


Richwood First Church of God update: The church basement is completed, with exception of the HVAC. The fellowship is nearly completely torn out with the exception of one little wall that will be torn out tomorrow. The only things left then are the spraying for mold and rebuild. We have a guy coming to check out all the HVAC units as well. Supplies needed: Kitchen Cabinets, Counter tops, sink (we may have), 22 sheets of 4x8 drywall, drywall screws, tape, drywall mud, stove, 2 refrigerators...


White Sulphur Springs Church of God update: We (thanks to James Angela Raines, Larry Edmonds for the truck and Ron Foster for the trailer) delivered some portable staging, 75 chairs and a Piano and Organ today to Ronceverte. They are storing it there while WSS works on their sanctuary. The demo is primarily complete. They have an electrician coming by tomorrow to work on replacing the outlets in the sanctuary and hopefully getting the electric turned back on. Once complete, they will treat the walls to prevent mold, then place fans and dehumidifiers throughout the sanctuary. If you have dehumidifiers that they can borrow that would be awesome. Once completely dry, they will replace some paneling in the sanctuary, drywall in the education and fellowship areas, decide on flooring, then work on getting everything ready to bring in chairs, etc... They have received two electric hot water heaters to replace their damaged ones. At some point the HVAC units need to be cleaned out to see if they will work but that's not the first priority. They are waiting still to hear about whether or not they will lose part of the building. If you have any time to go down this week to work on their sanctuary let me know!


We are getting multiple requests asking about Work Crews coming to WV to help with flooding and will begin scheduling them soon. If your church would be available to host a work crew, please let us know. We would need to know 1. How many can you house? 2. Do you have shower facilities? 3. Are you able/willing to provide any meals, and if so, how many? 4. Do you have cots or air mattresses? Some of the work crews are fully self contained and only need a building and others would need food/meals. I've heard from Madison Avenue, Rainelle, Ronceverte, Abney Street, Teays Valley, Cross Point, and Craigsville. There are available dates for several weeks and plenty of need. You can contact Thom at or text (304) 415-6198.

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